What Day Is It?

One of the best things that radio does is to inform the public as to what is happening in the community, whether it’s a local event or a station promotion. That’s great! That’s what local radio is all about. However, we need to be better at telling listeners when these events are.

How many times have you heard a jock tell you to be a part of the event on Thursday, June 12th and then you realize that today is Thursday, June 12th? Why didn’t that jock just tell you it was today?

When talking about when events are, use relative terms: today, tomorrow, next Thursday, etc…. If it is something that is a long way off, then you can say the date, i.e. “December 25th”.

Using the relative terms not only makes the audience get a better idea of when something is happening so he or she can plan better, but it also makes you sound like you know what you are talking about. After all, you are the expert and you are the one passing along the information.

Program Directors, Promotions staff, Sales and Copy Writers, please update copy to reflect these changes. Sure it takes a little extra time, but it sure does make you sound better and more informative.